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It was in 1976 that Italo Bosa started its own ceramic production following the ancient processing techniques for objects made entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich color palette, decorated with precious metals – gold, platinum, copper – and enamels with exclusive shades created by company. Precise techniques that are still today at the base of Bosa’s production and that give the objects uniqueness, quality and recognizability.The ceramic objects and furnishings created in the Bosa house, in addition to expressing all the knowledge of the craft, transmit that incessant experimentation of the possibilities of ceramics that has among its objectives the transformation of formal and functional habits into new interpretations, new fantastic functions and worlds, a mission that Italo Bosa has been able to transfer to his daughters Francesca and Daniela, to his wife and to all his collaborators.

What distinguishes Bosa, making it a leading company in the field of design ceramics in Italy and in the world, it is precisely having made research and innovation the strengths of the company, so as to be able to realize projects almost impossible for the difficulty of the molds and the over dimensions, which highlight the special propensity of the founder to share design adventures with designers, mostly young people from European backgrounds, experimenters of new languages, which have helped to define the high positioning of the brand Bosa.From the initial collaboration with Marco Zanuso Jr. and the consolidated relationship with the studio Palomba-Serafini, Bosa has established friendly professional relations with Satyendra Pakhalé, Patricia Urquiola, Marco Morosini, Manolo Bossi, Gualtiero Sacchi, Sam Baron, Luca Nichetto and a particular feeling with Jaime Hayon, creator of many joyous universes. Equally important are the collaborations with leading companies such as Minotti, Moroso, B & B Italia, Baccarat and customized supplies for Ferrari, Escada, DeBeers and others. Disney chose Bosa to create a limited edition to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his symbol: Mickey Mouse. The colossus whose masterpieces have told unforgettable stories has met, thus, a history of excellence of Made in Italy and the result could only be fabulous.

Mickey Mouse: icon of a fantasy world.

Danilo Cascella started the collaboration with the Bosa ceramics in 2011 for the opening of the Porto Cervo Fashion Design Store.

Discover the Bosa world, for unique furnishing elements, in the most interesting colors of the moment!

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