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Passive smartphone amplifier with zero environmental impact.

It all started with a drawing, which has become a draft made with clay and then moved on to the hand-made chalk model. The technique is that of the casting, where you can change the shape of the clay, first liquid (slurry), then after casting it inside plaster moulds, is finally becomes a Scaramaz!


First it is dried for at least 24 hours, then finished and polished all by hand, with the aid of hand tools, sponge and water. The next step is to bake it in a gas oven, at a temperature of round 1000 degrees, this should last from 24 to 30 hours. At this point Scaramaz is like a biscuit, so it is called the clay which is 'baked only once. Now you can choose the color to be given, dipping it into non-toxic lead-free water glazes and finally bake it again at 970 degrees, this time in an electric oven, powered by a 20 kw 'photovoltaic plant placed on our shed, that is with zero environmental impact. This is definitely the Scaramaz philosophy: it is not designed to consume and pollute, as it is a' passive amplifier.
What does it mean??? It means it does not consume anything to amplify the sound of your mobile: it’s wireless, no batteries, no connections are required. It is only made of earth, water and fire!!!


Fabrizio Crescentini, Art Master, owner of the brand and Scaramaz CERAMICS CRESCENTINI, develops its own production in the old workshop of Rimini, in the "heart" of Romagna, where skilled and artistically gifted workers collaborate.
Each ceramic creation is a small work of art, in which the hands of the craftsman express all the passion and the professional expertise passed down from father to son for over 30 years. A pretty careful and rigorous work, while respecting beauty, culture and tradition.
The decorations always handmade with its chromatic range and glazes that give the object a unique charm and sought-after forms are a real "Must Have of Contemporary Living ". The stylistic research often relies on the collaboration of artists and designers of international fame.


Completely hand-made one by one, 100% Made in Italy, the Scaramaz collection has more than 30 different patterns, colors and finishes.
You don’t need any cables, nor batteries or power supply to turn up the volume of your mobile phone up to 20 decibels! Therefore, at home, in the countryside or by the sea ... Free Music in the air with this magnificent artifact.
The Scaramaz is "Original" not only for its design and decorations, but also as an " Original Gift". Perfect for any occasion! Whether it is a Birthday, Christmas, a Holiday or ... Promotion or graduation!
Many of our customers have started to collect them and like to give them away, thus leaving open-mouthed their friends every time! With Scaramaz, you won’t miss a shot!
Any discrepancy is not to be considered a defect, but as a "prestige of the artifact" which makes it original and exclusive. That’s why we have photographically paid attention in representing the true color of each piece, as individual settings of the monitor may cause slight variations in shade beyond our control.

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