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Discover your favorite products immediately with our selections of the best made in Italy. The most important designers in the world chosen for you. Articles of Design, Home & Living, Decor, Technology, Audio Systems, Fitness, Mobility and much more.

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Specialist in furnishing and decorating all your spaces, Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store selects proposals for furnishing accessories and design objects for give value to your home with atmospheres rich in styles and colors, an original and dynamic way to embellish the contemporary style your living space.
"The furniture of our home becomes the theater of private life, that scene where each room allows for change, the dynamics of attitudes and situations" (A. Mendini)






Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store hosts only Design brands, real added value for contemporary luxury. The decor is a fundamental factor to give the environment the plus that characterizes our personality, a wide choice of products selected for you. The detail of a photo, a carpet, a mirror or a work of art indisputably marks the value of your taste.
"If you think good design is expensive, you should consider the cost of bad design" (Ralf Speth)

Danilo Cascella offers a wide selection of Design products with a marked presence of Made in Italy

Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store DCPS offers a wide selection of products following his passion, the constant research for particular Design objects, characterized by unique details and styles that, thanks to the Made in Italy factor, become worldwide excellence. In addition to his own D-Table Interactive Multitouch Design Luxury Tables Collection, Danilo Cascella offers a wide range of articles in Carbon Fiber by TecknoMonster, a company specializing in the aerospace world, IXoost the only loudspeakers with a strong identity in the world Formula 1, real Made in Italy quality, the extraordinary selections of the Qeeboo and Skitsch Design projects that unite internationally renowned designers and architects, the unique Bosa ceramic works, an expression of the pure Venetian tradition, the super sought-after Murano glass elements of Purho, the photos of Antonio Guccione, a famous Milanese fashion photographer, the various furnishings of Baleri Italia, an evergreen expression of great masters of style, the fabulous books made of gold leaves by the Romana D'Oro Collection publishing house, the purity of the objects in borosilicate glass by Blueside Emotional Design. The art in the original silk and cashmere fabrics for the home by Avant Toi Home, the perfect creativity in lighting with the lamps by Prandina, the innovative carpets by Illulian, specialized in custom made, the design exercise bike by Ciclotte, the luxury decor by Scarlet Splendour. Thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella and Daniele Comelli, the Premium Store has also entered the world of art, offering works by contemporary artists. The Italian tradition of Walking Sticks, a leader in designer footwear embellished with a prestigious selection of umbrellas and walking sticks.

Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store hosts Made in Italy Design brands, the real added value for contemporary luxury. Due to the particularity of the selections, some products will not be available for immediate delivery, they will be made with care exclusively for the customer at the time of the order, therefore they may be ready in a period necessary for manufacturing.

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The relationship between Design and Technology in recent years has become more and more impressive, two worlds that merge and mark our Lifestyle. The identity of a product is increasingly associated with technological innovation to interpret the needs of our need for well-being.
"The design is not just about the appearance of the product, or the effect it makes to hold it in the hand. Design is how it works" (Steve Jobs)

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