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D-Square, Luxury Multitouch Table

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D-Square Multitouch Table with iconic and futuristic Design.

D-Square the multitouch table by D-Table with an iconic and futuristic vision, conceived towards comfort, technology and design for dreamers real made in Italy. D-Square can radically redesign a space and revitalize every workplace. Top of the range, entirely designed and manufactured by Danilo Cascella, this avant-garde piece of furniture is essential and boasts a strong identity of the D-Table brand.  Elegant as a sports car, with its metallic sheen that adds an element of high glamor to any “Manhattan” style living room or office. D-Square can completely redesign a space and revitalize any workplace, even the most challenging.

Free up the full potential of D-Square applications, through the endless functionality of Multitouch technology.



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D-Square is a table with a multitouch surface and touchscreen technology that allows users the opportunity to install software and view content, images, maps, PDF files, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programs and much more . The Multitouch Display Table is available in 48 “55” 65 “85” dimensions. An interactive 100-point table is made on the basis of a plasma panel with a multitouch screen, to make the table ultra-thin.

D-Square with fine finishes is the multitouch table that reflects the designer’s idea of a piece of furniture coming from another dimension but perfectly adaptable to any type of environment.

The 55 “and 65” versions are with infrared optical touch technology while the 48 “and 85” version with capacitive touch technology, below a brief explanation of the differences. The two types of touch most used in the world of Digital Signage, are the Capacitive and the Optical.

The operation of a capacitive touch screen is based on a glass coated on the inner side by conductive layers that, from the moment in which the fingertip occurs (or any conductive object), it senses an alteration of the electric field. This alteration is immediately detected and managed by the management software which assigns the coordinates of the touch.

DISPLAY Multi-touch
Inches: 48″ –  55″
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixel (Full HD)
Multi-touch: 100 points multitouch
Details 450 cd/m2 V

CPU: Intel Core  i7
GPU: Intel Iris Graphics
Memory: 240 GB SSD

WiFi: 2.4 GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1
USB: USB 2.0 (TCM55 only)
Audio: 1x Line-Out (TCM55 only)

Frequency: from 50Hz to 60Hz, mono phase
Maximum continuous power: 150W
Operative temperature: from 10 to 35°C
Stockage temperature: from -40 to 47°C
Relative humidity: from 5% to 95% in absence of condense
Operative altitude: tested up to 3.000 m
Typical acoustic prestations, level of sound pressure
(with operator): 12 dBA when idle.

The advantages of this technology are represented by the maximum protection of the glass layer that protects the technology and guarantees greater resistance to wear over time. Another advantage of these touch devices is the remarkable simplicity of use due to the excellent sensitivity of these displays that do not require strong pressures to operate but only need a slight touch. Unlike optical touch screens, it is immune to changes in ambient light, allows the detection of the amount of pressure on the touch and allows the creation of devices with all-flat shapes. The capacitive touch screen display as well as the advantages also has disadvantages which are represented by a higher cost and a lower transparency compared to the optical one.

The touch screens made with infrared technology, however, consist of a glass surrounded by a series of diodes and sensors positioned along the edges of the screen. Pulses are emitted from the LEDs to form an invisible network of light rays in front of the panel surface. When this link is interrupted by a solid object, the electronic circuit sends the coordinates to the controller. This technology has the advantage of offering very transparent screens and has excellent calibration stability. As a disadvantage, it has poor response speed to touch, problems with changes in brightness and with fingers that draw trajectories that intersect (occlusion). The positioning of the illuminators along the edges requires a frame that protrudes from the screen by a few millimeters.

The constant characteristics that marks all the D-Table collections created by Danilo Cascella are the craftsmanship and then, of course, the “Made in Italy” factor, all the multitouch tables are one by one made and assembled by the hands of Italian and specialized artisans computer engineers. All the interactive features, the multitouch application, available on all D-Table models and on the Multitouch Kit and on interactive totems are implemented using capacitive or infrared, optical technology.

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